Development Blog #7: "Static" / by Xiaosong Shang

Hello everyone! Sam Martino here.

So this will hopefully be one of the last blogs to go out, next week I will go over implemented voice acting but apart from that, Static is done!

We were fortunate to have such fantastic testers, and some of the quality of life stuff they found really improved the game, a lot.

That Static originally didn’t chase you, it just kind of stood there and then disappeared after a few seconds. This caused our monster to seem like just an after thought that was kind of predicable. It was very easy to give it a floating animation and get it to chase the player. From that suggestion we build the system where it can teleport you around the building and we think now it serves the purpose it was designed for.

We also had people say it was far to easy to find the items needed to leave the floor. Before testing, every single item had a static particle on it. The issue with this was that it stood out EVERYWHERE so it was really easy for people to just look for the static. We replaced this with an audio cue that goes off when you get close, but now you have to actually look around you to find it, without it being so obvious.

Next week, in what will hopefully be the final development blog, I will go over the voice acting for Static, and then our release will finally be here!

Don’t forget that if you share the steam link to Static: and tag us (Dogwood Gaming) you will be entered to have you likeness designed as the cannon main character from the game. We will then have you drawn and built as a full companion in Ashes of Kanaka, complete with epilogue for what happens after the game!

As always, please reach out to me at with any comments or questions. I always love hearing from you guys!