Development Blog #6: "Static" / by Xiaosong Shang

Hello everyone, Sam Martino here.

Wow, it has been a hectic two weeks, I’m sorry these are so delayed, but I have a LOT to share!


This is our awesome Static monster! It took a lot of tweaking to get it right (thanks to our amazing beta testers) It is now a lot more terrifying when you have the misfortune of running into it. She is set to chase the player and will move the player around the building. We’ve designed some to be avoidable, but sometimes she is going to get you to show more of the story that may not be obvious at first. She also is set with an audio cue, an eerie noise created by our very own Jimmy. The sound will only play when the static is near, and the static can appear ANYWHERE in the building after you have run into it for the first time. Keep you eyes peeled, and always watch your backs!

The rest of the week was quality of life fixes, as well as programming the endings to happen.


The secret true ending was the most complicated, but I think now it is extremely rewarding and feels like a challenge to get to, apart from just discovering how to activate it. The enemies you encounter in the true ending are much more effective and more sinister, especially the one pictured above who will instantly move you to the bad ending if you’re hit.

In the next blog I will talk more about what our testers found and what you’re going to see implemented into the game thanks to them!

As always, please reach out to me at with any comments or questions. I always love hearing from you guys!