Development Blog: "Static" / by Xiaosong Shang

Hello everyone! Sam Martino here.

So as I mentioned last time, this will be the start of the Static development blog! I want to share everything we have made, where we are going, and to try and get your input in what we’re doing.


Static is designed to be our most ambitious title yet, I want to push our limits of what we can do in Unreal with this title, and so far I am very happy to share what we have. Static so far as the map finished, lighting, story, and all the voice acting. The only left is the programming, which is the meat of this project, obviously. Because I have done almost nothing with the programming yet, this leaves things very open ended for us to talk about what is needed to make this game special. I want this game to invoke a deep feeling of loneliness, your constant battle with thinking, is what I’m doing even worth it? We will get into the details and special events later, but right now I want to show what we are currently working with.


This is the first room you start in, your apartment. I added a basic HUD, I really like the font but the colors I’m not to sure about. The text in blue will change as you advance objectives, but I don’t know if it is visible enough? I thought about maybe going with a green but I don’t want it to blend into our environment to much. The basic premise as you explore is to escape the room, each room with have keys hidden in them that are activated on those keypads you see to the left. The rooms will be filled with lore and “scary bits”, but my main goal is to get basic functionality down. Do you think more complex puzzles will add to the story, or detract from it? The game isn’t meant to be really fast paced, I’m just not sure what kind of puzzles would fit here. I can look into puzzle examples in Unreal and try to adapt them for what I want, but is there anything in particular you think would stand out? Over the week I plan to get door and key functionality down, as far as hiding keys and making the doors actually open that is. Once that is done, I will look into more puzzle functions but once the player can actually navigate through the building, I think we’re in good shape!

As always, please reach out to me at with any comments or questions. I always love hearing from you guys!