Future Projects / by Xiaosong Shang

Hello everyone! Sam Martino here.

I have spoken before about where I see the future of Ashes of Kanaka, but this time I want to talk about some of our unannounced projects, and how I see Dogwood moving forward into the future.

I’ve never wanted Dogwood to stick to one genre, I want us to make amazing games that everyone in the company can get behind. Everyone is incredibly ambitious, and we’ve had some amazing ideas pitched but due to limitations of us being so small, they have not been able to get off the ground. We still plan for them, and we still fully anticipate creating all of them, we just need the time and funds to grow out studio.

I mentioned previously about Trek, one of the first big projects we came up with. Everyone in the studio fell in love with the idea, it was something we believed in and saw it as what the market really needed. Trek was designed to be a massive open world game that rewarded exploration and encouraged you to look in every nook and cranny that we created. A five square kilometer map, filled with a thousand unique locations that all told their own story. Nothing would feel like filler, it would all be rewarding for the player to play through. We saw a lot of potential with this given the beautiful landscapes that Unreal can create, but just because of the scale we were never able to start full development. I can promise however, stories are still written, maps are still drawn up, and the dream for it is still very much alive.

After Trek we had discussed the creation of a grand strategy game, Daimyo. Daimyo was designed to be a strategy game where all battles were played out like a shogi match, but the battle maps would have intractable that could give advantages, playing like an actual war game. We designed this because we thought that through all the strategy games we play, all of them handle diplomacy in a very limited way. Daimyo is set during the Shogunate Wars in Japan, a lot of the game would be based around your interactions with different leaders and officers, and you would need to maintain relationships with the important figures around you to win the war. This would make the people you interact with feel like living characters, not just a face for the clan you are fighting. Daimyo is still in very early phases, but we are actively looking into initial testing of the idea to see if we can get it exactly how we want.

The last major project we were looking into is my personal baby. This is something I see Dogwood starting ten years in the future, I want it to be a major competitor to the big triple A titles on the market today. It is called 1986, and is designed to be an all encompassing open world RPG set in Miami during the decadent 80’s. We want to give the player to freedom to do everything, live out every 80’s dreams imaginable, with a cast and soundtrack to blow people away just as Vice City had done on the Playstation 2. 1986 is something we have understood is a long, far away dream, but we all believe we can get there. The story is currently being written for 1986, but it is more so to give us an idea of what to shoot for.

All of the games I have listed are major endeavors and will take a lot of time, money, and manpower to make happen. Dogwood will preserve through the years and all of us believe we can make these come to life, we are dedicated to reaching our goals, and with dedicated fans that would actually read my blogs, I believe we will get there.

As always, please reach out to me at smartino@dogwoodgaming.com with any comments or questions. I always love hearing from you guys!